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Telephone Answering Services

For your small business

Ensuring your phone is answered every time is the key to exceptional customer service and increased sales. Make sure you create a memorable first impression with a Kendlebell PA available to answer your inbound customer enquiries.

Kendlebell is available to answer every single call as a first point of contact for your customers. Alternatively, you can use Kendlebell as an overflow service, to answer the phone at certain peak times or when your line is engaged - the service is completely flexible to you.

Each Kendlebell PA has completed thorough training and is briefed on each business they answer for. They pride themselves on their ability to communicate effectively in a friendly, polite and professional manner.

Answering service benefits

We do more than just answer your calls. Explore how we can help your business.


Kendlebell PAs can cover holiday or unexpected staff sickness.

Opening Hours

Extend your business opening hours with PAs on hand to answer your calls at any time.

Peak Time Support

Kendlebell PAs can cover peak times, on hand if you experience an influx of calls.

Business Continuity

Every call answered and professionally introduced in your company name.

Stay Focused

Kendlebell can stop the constant phone interruptions, saving time.

Filter Cold Calls

Kendlebell PAs are experts in filtering out cold calls, saving you time and effort.

What we do

Message Taking

Diverting to a Kendlebell PA is easy and completely seamless for the caller. Calls can either be patched straight through to the relevant person or department, or a message can be taken and delivered via email or SMS.

Out of Hours

Kendlebell is open from 8am until 8pm on weekdays as standard. On a Saturday, opening hours are from until 6pm and Sundays until 5pm.

By using Kendlebell, your company is available at times that likely fall outside of your standard opening hours. This increases your professional image and can make your business seem larger. Longer opening hours also improve service and performance, as well as increase sales without the extra costs of staffing and management.

24/7 telephone answering is also available for Kendlebell customers at an additional monthly fee.

Advertising Response

Don't let your marketing efforts go to waste - if your business has advertised an upcoming event or maybe an exclusive promotion, be prepared for an influx of calls. The last thing you want is a huge increase in sales with no-one to answer the phone.

Kendlebell can capture every single call professionally, ensuring no customer is left waiting. See an increase in profits whilst continually delivering exceptional customer service to your customers.

Disaster Recovery

Expect the unexpected. If your business experiences a power cut, flood, illness or sudden staff shortage, Kendlebell is a great back up plan to make sure your customer service and sales aren't affected.

In case of emergency, businesses can set up a procedure for Kendlebell to answer calls in the most appropriate way. When dealing with an unexpected problem, let us take care of your customers whilst you get your business back on track.

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